• We remain close to our customers from step one of designing the construction, maintaining a contact cycle, with interviews and requirements gathering.
  • Customers become creators of their own professional environment, as well as partners with EDEKA through constant direct communication.
  • With over fifteen years of experience EDEKA S.A. offers a full set of services thus supporting all possible needs of its customers.
  • We have experience in making studies necessary for construction licensing, implementation studies, techno-economic studies for the participation in development projects and studies for licensing and setting into production industrial activities.

Energy (R.S.E)

During the last few years EDEKA S.A. has successfully turned to the market of renewable sources of energy for the production power from photovoltaic elements. Throughout this course EDEKA S.A. has co-operated with especially selected and contracted representatives of top quality photovoltaic systems offering integrated proposals and solutions.

Our company focuses on the philosophy of being a reliable partner for its customers by giving priority to the excellent quality of its products and to the full support prior and after the project delivery. The complete scale of its services, including the design, co-ordination, installation and monitoring of the system brings our company closer to our target.

With the excellent technical know-how of its partners, our company provides its customers with solutions for all sectors: from small autonomous photovoltaic units to great installations on open spaces (courts, fields) and roofs.