• We remain close to our customers from step one of designing the construction, maintaining a contact cycle, with interviews and requirements gathering.
  • We have experience in making studies necessary for construction licensing, implementation studies, techno-economic studies for the participation in development projects and studies for licensing and setting into production industrial activities.
  • Customers become creators of their own professional environment, as well as partners with EDEKA through constant direct communication.
  • With over fifteen years of experience EDEKA S.A. offers a full set of services thus supporting all possible needs of its customers.

Organizational Chart

The new conditions developed in the working environment and the obvious lack of time, demand the creation of organized and specialized offices and companies, able to provide complete and not partial service and support to their customers.

Our company, with its fully skilled departments, undertakes the responsibility of an end – to – end project implementation and is the sole responsible for its good delivery.

EDEKA S.A. has organized 7 basic departments, connected for the company's smooth operation and achievement of its targets:

  • Pre-approval Department
  • Architectural Department
  • Statics Study Department
  • Electromechanical Department
  • Construction Department
  • Techno-economic Study Department
  • Financial – Administration Department

Organizational Chart