• With over fifteen years of experience EDEKA S.A. offers a full set of services thus supporting all possible needs of its customers.
  • Customers become creators of their own professional environment, as well as partners with EDEKA through constant direct communication.
  • We have experience in making studies necessary for construction licensing, implementation studies, techno-economic studies for the participation in development projects and studies for licensing and setting into production industrial activities.
  • We remain close to our customers from step one of designing the construction, maintaining a contact cycle, with interviews and requirements gathering.


Our customers reach approximately the number of 400 coming from all sectors of business activity (commercial transmutational, industrial, transportation).

EDEKA S.A. appeals to the following sectors:

  • SUPERMARKETS – CASH & CARRY: Design, Licensing, Implementation Study.
  • LOGISTICS: Integrated Services Units of Logistics Chain.
  • PASTRY PRODUCTS: Units of Production – Standardization – Trading.
  • MEAT: Slaughterhouse, Standardization Unit & Production of Meat products and Cooked Pork Meets.
  • FISHERY: Piscicalture, Standardization – Packaging – Transmutation and Processing.
  • DAIRY PRODUCTS: Cheese-making, Milk Processing Units.
  • VEGETABLES: Packaging – Standardization units, Storehouses with cooling chambers.
  • OTHER INDUSTRIAL UNITS: Production of plastic and iron, machine-works, etc.