Company Profile

EDEKA A.E. is close to its customers from the first moment of construction planning, keeping a circle of contacts, with interviews and recording their needs. Customers become creators of their professional space as well as long-term partners of EDEKA A.E., through the direct communication that exists.

A constant effort is made to satisfy the technically and economically optimal choice of the customer, based on the specifications set by EDEKA.

It implements an integrated project management system, where the client knows from the outset what will be built, the implementation period and how much it will cost, without deviations.

Our vision

Vision of EDEKA A.E. is to recognize market demands and provide customers with excellent quality services.
Our mission is to…

We plan
….your needs
….with inspiration
….with functionality in mind

We document
….your choices and we serve your needs
….with the guarantees provided by branded and certified materials
….with suggestions that have something of your own personality

Our story

EDEKA A.E. is a development of the T.E.M.K.&A company. Ltd. which was founded in 1998. The members, executives and partners of EDEKA A.E. cover a wide spectrum of the technical world.

The company’s activities until the end of 2004 were the preparation of studies necessary for the issuance of building permits, application studies, economic and technical studies for inclusion in development programs and studies for the licensing and the start of production operations of industrial activities.

Following the demands of its customers, the company expanded into the field of construction, offering comprehensive and guaranteed services in this sector as well.

In recent years, given the immediate adaptability to new market conditions and with the aim of meeting the needs of its customers, the company has also turned to the market of renewable energy sources for the production of electricity from photovoltaic elements.

The company is developing with strong dynamics and is constantly expanding its activities both geographically and in terms of services provided to its customers.

The new conditions that have formed in the workplaces, and the obvious lack of time, force the creation of organized and specialized offices and companies, which can provide full and not partial service and support to their customers.

Our company, with its fully qualified departments, undertakes a project from start to finish and bears sole responsibility for its good execution.

EDEKA A.E. for its operation and the achievement of its goals, it has organized 7 main departments interconnected with each other:

  • Pre-Approvals Department
  • Department of Architecture
  • Department of Structural Studies
  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Construction Department
  • Department of Techno-Economic Studies
  • Financial – Administrative Department.