At EDEKA A.E. we are close to our customers from the first moment of the design of the construction, observing a cycle of cooperation.

Company Profile

EDEKA A.E. is close to its customers from the first moment of construction planning, keeping a circle of contacts, with interviews and recording their needs.



We undertake and carry out studies for the granting of permits from Public Services, for the approval of building permits and applications and tender documents.


We completely undertake the construction of industrial units throughout Greece with specialized crews constantly supervising the project.

Energy A.P.E.

We work with specially selected and contracted dealers of top quality photovoltaic systems offering complete proposals and solutions.

Project Management

We undertake the management and administration of each project and cover the main phases of the project life cycle.


We have developed a specialized department, which monitors business subsidy opportunities, through the implementation of investment projects, in the sectors of manufacturing, trade, service provision and tourism.

EDEKA in numbers

Building permits

ESPA 2021 – 2027

Our company provides you with the opportunity to implement your investment plans with the financing of NSRF programs, which are a unique opportunity for the development and upgrading of your business.

Through our website, you can find out about the available programs, the conditions and the steps for submitting your application.

Contact us today and let us help you realize your vision. EDEKA SA is the reliable and experienced partner you need.